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1. I’ve never prayer-walked before. What is it?

Prayer-walking is simply ‘prayer on the move’. You can start by inviting God to be with you on your walk, and bringing to Him the streets, houses, and people you see along your way. Don’t be put off if you haven’t prayer-walked before. You’ll find it surprisingly easy! We’ve put together a guide and some resources to help.

2. Can I get involved, if my church isn’t involved?

Of course! We would still love to hear which church you are part of: you can enter this information when you register. If you are not currently part of a church, but would like to find one, please contact us, letting us know what type of church you are looking for and where you live. We’ll try to help.

3. I can’t find my area on the App – can I still prayer-walk?

Absolutely! For this year, we have limited the map to the Sheffield city boundaries. However, we would still love for you to join with Arise, spending March praying, sharing your faith with your local community, and inviting people to further discipleship. Do sign up to receive your Arise resources and updates, and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to let us know what you’re doing in your area.

4. How do I effectively engage in Arise under ‘Social Distancing’?

At the current time, all people in Sheffield are allowed to take daily exercise outside the home. We encourage you to use this time to prayer-walk, either by yourself or with other believers in your household.

5. I am currently shielding and can’t leave my home. How can I be involved?

If you can’t leave your home, we would recommend you speak to your church leader to see if they can link you up with someone in your church who is prayer-walking. Maybe together you could pray over the same streets at the same time (them on foot and you at home) or even be connected via a phone or WhatsApp call.
Alternatively, feel free to earmark some streets and pray over them from home, using a map. If you use Google Streetview or Google Earth, you might even be able to make a ‘virtual’ prayer-walk online.

6. I’m not good with technology, and I don’t think I’ll be able to use the App. What should I do?

We totally understand! Many people in the city will feel like this, or simply don’t have a smart phone or suitable device. That said, we would love to capture your prayers! So, please try to find someone who does have a smart phone (or who is tech-savvy) and ask them to help you. It will be very simple for them. They will need to access the App while you are in contact with them, so they can enter your details and identify which streets you plan to prayer-walk.

7. What if someone has earmarked my streets before me?

We understand some people will be excited about prayer-walking the streets near where they live or work. You may go onto the App to find someone has already ‘earmarked’ them, or already ‘prayed’ them. This means that a fellow follower of Jesus has already been praying in your area, which is wonderful!

However, you will then have a choice to make:
– Prayer-walk them anyway (although you won’t be able to register secondary coverage through the App).
– Look for some different streets to prayer-walk. We may well find that in order to prayer-walk the entire city many of us have to venture into areas with which we are not yet familiar. We are sure the Lord will use us as we do that!

8. What do I do if I sense God speaking to me about the area I am prayer-walking?

We would recommend that you make a note of what you are sensing. You may need to revisit that street or area and keep praying. Also, you can let your church leader know. If they recommend it, you can feed back to us at Arise, using the Contact Us section of this website. We will review all comments and look for patterns, which may well inform the next steps of our journey of prayer together.

Are you ready to join in?