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Throughout history God has done amazing things through the prayers of His people. Let’s be part of His great story by joining together to pray for Sheffield. Although Arise Sheffield’s first month of prayer-walking together as a community finished at the end of March 2021, it’s never too late to start prayer-walking in your area.

Here are a few tips to help you get started with prayer-walking.

How do I prayer-walk?

Prayer-walking is essentially what it sounds like: talking to God while walking.

There is no ‘right way’ to prayer-walk, but here are some suggestions for prayer-walking with Arise Sheffield:

  • As you walk, feel free to talk to God about the area you are walking around.  Keep your eyes open as you walk and use your senses to notice what is around you.  
  • Pray for the things that God draws to your attention.  Let the Holy Spirit prompt you with scriptures or pictures which reveal something or assist you in praying for that area. 
  • If you are with others within your household, you could speak out your prayer as a normal conversation between you, your prayer partner and God. 

Watch our video guide to prayer-walking during Arise Sheffield, or download the transcript.

What should I pray for?

Arise has developed two resources to prompt your prayers, if helpful.

The picture below is a prayer prompt to use as a reminder for different things to pray for while prayer-walking.

The left hand reminds us to pray for personal needs of people around us. We can pray for their spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and financial needs.  

The right hand reminds us to pray for the corporate needs of Sheffield; the institutions of religion, health, education, government and business.

Do feel free to download and print the Arise Sheffield Helping Hands for use while you’re prayer-walking

The Arise Sheffield Blessing also offers a form of words that you might want to use as you prayer-walk:

How do I prayer-walk safely?

Your safety and that of others around you is paramount. Please observe government COVID-19 safety guidelines at all times, using your exercise time and keeping to social distancing rules.  Prayer-walk in pairs if permissible, or in your household bubble whenever possible, for your own encouragement and safety. 

Wear appropriate footwear and clothes for the weather conditions. Keep to acknowledged pathways and walking routes and walk during daylight hours. 

If you are physically unable to go around the streets you can pray by your window for your street or your local area, or partner up to pray by phone with someone who is walking. Everyone can be involved.