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Prayer is powerful. Stories are powerful, too. All of us are a part of the story God is writing in Sheffield.

Together, our prayers have been lighting up our city, and now, our stories can do the same. Every story shared is a flame kindled, a soul inspired, a faith strengthened.

BBC Radio Sheffield interviewed Arise team member Ben Woollard on 21 March

Listen to the BBC Radio Sheffield interview about Arise’s story so far

Could your Arise story light up our city? Share it with the community using the form below:

My wife and I were walking our prayer streets chatting to people we saw. We met two people coming out of a care home. As the lady was putting things in her car boot we started talking to her, telling her what we were doing. She seemed interested so as we chatted we told her we were praying for people as we walked round and would pray for her. During the conversation I offered her a New Testament. She accepted it with real enthusiasm and clutched it to her chest. She said “I really need this: you were sent to me”. I agreed. We agreed to pray for her.

“Thank you for organising this wonderful event. I remember March for Jesus. I get the same sense of excitement that we will see God move. I’m praying that He will go ahead, behind and all around us. 

May we see His love break out over each home and street in Sheffield. Praying for revival of His church and the whole of Sheffield. 

 If God is for us, who can be against us?”

“I have arranged to pray over the streets of Killamarsh with a friend throughout March and also to join with the friend and pray over Swallownest and Aston as well.

I remember being in Sheffield a few years ago and was almost compelled to pray for the city as I stood at the end of Fargate. A friend also had a picture of the paving stones being lifted by streams of water as she prayed for the area.

God bless you and all who are taking part in this wonderful venture.”

“I went prayer-walking with the family on Saturday afternoon instead of our usual walk in the park. We turned the first corner and found an elderly man lying in a pool of his own blood following a fall. He was conscious with a nasty gash to his forehead so I was able to pray for him. It turned out he was a Christian and some local people were able to put rugs on him. Not long after a police car happened to pass by and he was safely taken to hospital not long after that. It was a privilege to be used by God in such a way and for the family to see that we had a divine appointment on our prayer-walk.”

“Recently, I got talking to someone who mentioned their adult daughter had a severe illness. Because I’ve been involved with Arise I said, ‘I follow Jesus and believe in the power of prayer: could I just say a quick prayer now for your daughter?’ After I had prayed, the lady was visibly touched and said, ‘That was one of the kindest things that has ever happened to me.'”

“I bumped into a neighbour while out prayer walking. I had the Arise Sheffield Blessing printed off and ended up reading it to them and praying for them.”